Our Program

Community Family Development (CFD) is the largest non-profit day care center in Poughkeepsie in the heart of the demographic population it serves, providing affordable childcare for inner city families; established in 1971 it is the only the only center offering all services from infant to school-age care. Serving up to 102 children ages 6 weeks through 12 years of age for low and moderate income families in the City of Poughkeepsie and the surrounding area. CFD is open from 7am- 530pm Monday thru Friday and is licensed by the NYS Office of Children and Family Services. CFD has a total of 25 employees, some of which are bilingual, our children experience a well-rounded program that addresses cognitive, physical, emotional and nutritional development. Our after school program transitions families from school to home. Our summer program offers full time childcare needs for working families.

Infant Program (6 Weeks to 18 Months)

CFD is the one of the only local day care centers with infant care. Babies need to develop basic trust, which enables them to begin exploring and learning about their environment. In the infant room, we focus on nurturing and predictable care to create a safe, welcoming environment. Infants have the opportunity to see, hear, feel, touch, and move. Language development is supported by responsive interactions, singing, and reading aloud. Our Infant Program is one of three classrooms that is part of the Babies Step Forward Program. In partnership with Westchester CoOperative Opportunity Program, CFD provides an Early Head Start Model curriculum for our youngest of learners.

A young child and his/her family may be considered eligible for WestCOP’s Head Start (ages 3-5 years) or Early Head Start / Babies Step Forward (6 weeks-3 years) programs provided that they meet the necessary requirements. A family whose income is at or below the Federal poverty guidelines, or a family who receives TANF would be eligible to enroll children in our Early Head Start programs. Any child who is considered to be homeless or who has been placed in foster care is automatically eligible to attend and of our Early Childhood programs. Children with suspected or documented disabilities may also be eligible for enrollment. A percentage of families whose income falls above the poverty level may be considered for enrollment once outreach has been conducted to children and families in the community who meet the stated requirements.

Toddler Program(18 Months to 3 Years)

Toddlers start to move and explore more independently. They are learning to sort out objects in their world and communicate their needs. Our age-appropriate activities introduce reading and numbers, using rhyming, music, and sound. Your little tots develop personal expression through art, movement, and beginning dramatic play. Our Toddler program is also part of the Babies Step Forward Program, offering developmental assessments for our growing children and family supports and social services for those in need. For more information about Babies Step Forward, please visit https://westcop.org/programs/early-childhood/babies-step-forward/

Preschool & Pre-K Program (3 & 4 Years)

Our preschool program teaches early literacy and mathematics using a variety of activities and projects. We present opportunities to learn beginning skills involving the alphabet and numbers. Emphasis is on teaching problem-solving skills, expanding knowledge, and increasing vocabulary. In learning centers, children begin to work in small groups on projects as their social skills increase.

School Age Enrichment Program (5 to 12 Years)

We complete the continuum by developing social skills, personal responsibility, and exploring personal interests. Enrichment activities include homework tutoring, books, arts and crafts, outdoor games, team sports, and an on-site garden. During the school year, transportation is provided to and from school. Care is also available on school-free days and during summer vacation.

Our School Age Enrichment Program is available for before and afterschool care for Early Learning Center @ Smith School Students, Morse Elementary students and Kreiger Elementary Students. Our program also offers full day care when Poughkeepsie Central School District has school closure days.